Saturday, January 23, 2021

Zoom banned for NY public schools

Why?: There have been recent reports of hackers โ€œZoom-bombingโ€ or hijacking video conferences on the Zoom platform. In one instance, someone hacked a school meeting in Massachusetts and flashed swastika tattoos. What Zoom has to...

Google to lift coronavirus ad ban

Google will begin to allow some advertisers to run ads across its platforms that address the coronavirus, according to a Google memo. According to the memo, sent from Google's Head of Industry Mark Beatty...

Tesla stocks surge, gain 23 billion in market share ๐Ÿš˜

Tesla shares gained 19.89% on Monday, or over $129 per share, increasing the automaker's market cap by a whopping $23.33 billion Panasonic this morning announced that its joint battery-making venture with Tesla turned profitable in...
Elon Musk

Tesla demo gone wrong

We love Elon Musk and his ideas/vibe. But his new 'Cybertruck" shatterproof glass took a major PR hit during a demo and unveil yesterday. Not to mention, the previous 2 models announced in 2017...