Sunday, January 24, 2021

First Debate: Biden lies based on media’s lies

With the first 2020 Presidential debate in the books, it was clear to see President Trump was debating media lies for the past 4+ years as Joe Biden & Chris Wallace repeated those same lies during the debate.

  • Fox News Debate host Chris Wallace yet again brought up ‘white nationalists’ and the ‘far-right group’ Proud Boys and asked Trump if he denounces them. (Trump has denounced the KKK as well as any form of group that is racist dozens of times when asked. Oddly enough, Joe Biden was just endorsed by Richard Spencer, a self-proclaimed white nationalist weeks ago. Chris must have forgotten. Also, last week Trump authorized Antifa and White Supremacists groups as Domestic Terrorists.)

  • Wallace and Biden both repeated the “Very fine people on both sides” lie from the Charlottesville, Va incident that happened years ago. Of course, just like the media has done for years, refuse to say Trump’s entire quote to put that statement into context.

Just like clockwork, waking up this morning you see headlines from the New York Times, Washington Post, and virtually the rest, stating “Trump supports white nationalists” or “Trump again does not denounce white racism.” It is Deja Vu back to 2016 when Trump denounced David Duke repeatedly, yet the national media said he didn’t. Or, he didn’t do it ‘fast enough’.

Twitter trends as of this morning are: #TRUMPSARACIST, #PROUDBOYS, #RACISTTRUMP, #WHITENATIONLISM.

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