Sunday, January 24, 2021

Nancy Pelosi & Steve Mnuchin talked this morning for close to an hour about Dems new stimulus proposal

What happened: Late last evening, House Minority leader (D) Nancy Pelosi unveiled a new, slimmed-down stimulus package of $2.2T. Their previous package proposal added up to $3.4T.

This new package still may be too much for Republicans: Republicans have held firm they would be willing to agree to a new stimulus package in the range of $500B to $1T. President Trump a few weeks back seemingly upped that total to $1.5T.


The $2.2 trillion revised bill includes new aid money for airlines and restaurants as well as more funding for the Paycheck Protection Program, another round of direct stimulus payments, $600 weekly federal unemployment benefits, and more state and local aid. If Pelosi and Mnuchin cannot reach a separate agreement before Wednesday, the House is expected to vote on the new bill despite a lack of Republican support. Even if the bill doesn’t advance to President Trump’s desk, vulnerable House Democrats will be able to cast their votes for more aid before they return to their districts to campaign ahead of the November election. Democrats also cut in half their asking for local state funding from roughly $900b to $450B.

Time isn’t on American’s side: For months, Democrats and Republicans have not been able to agree to a deal, blaming one another as the reasoning. Congress leaves D.C. next week returning home to campaign for the November elections. A deal would have to be reached this week it seems in order to have time to vote.

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Chief of Staff Mark Meadows delivered a positive statement on President Trump's health this morning at the White house.
What we know: President Trump has set a cap of admitting no more than 15,000 refugees in fiscal year 2021, marking the lowest number since the U.S. created its modern refugee system 40 years ago. President Obama: Set the refugee limit at 110,000 for fiscal year 2017 — a number Trump has continued to cut throughout his presidency. In a statement, the State Department said the government will get more than 300,000 claims of humanitarian protection over the next year, but almost all of those will be asylum cases, which are filed by non citizens already in the U.S. Just 15,000 will be refugees, who apply from outside the country, seeking admittance and resettlement.
As cities stay locked down due to COVID or open with major restrictions, major clothing retailer H&M has decided to close about 250 stores in the U.S. The pandemic forced H&M to temporarily shutter about 80 percent of its shops earlier in the year and continued to hammer its business in its fiscal third quarter, which runs from June through August. Sales: The chain said its net sales dropped 19 percent to 50.8 billion Swedish krona, or about $5.7 billion, during the three-month period and remained 5 percent below last year’s levels in September even though most stores have reopened. Brick & Mortar retail apocalypse: BDO announced a report that U.S. American retailers have announced plans to close a record 10,226. Online sales for the company however: Saw a 27 percent surge in online sales over the course of the quarter. The Stockholm-based company reported a quarterly pre-tax profit of about 2.4 billion krona...
Both sides said negotiations will continue, but as of right now, no stimulus deal has been agreed upon. Sunday night it was reported that the Democrat House leadership clipped $1.2T from their 'Heroes Act' that originally had a $3.4T tab. Senate Republicans and President Trump seemingly won't go above $1.5T, maybe even less. Mnuchin said after leaving today's meeting: "We have more work to do and we're going to see where we end up," he said. The Democrat majority House will still vote on their new $2.2T bill today. Pelosi stated: "We will be proceeding with our vote tonight on the updated Heroes Act in order to formalize our proffer to Republicans in the negotiations to address the health and economic catastrophe in our country." Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated: "We are very, very far apart," when asked by reporters about a path to a deal. With the PPP program ending...
With the first 2020 Presidential debate in the books, it was clear to see President Trump was debating media lies for the past 4+ years as Joe Biden & Chris Wallace repeated those same lies during the debate. Fox News Debate host Chris Wallace yet again brought up 'white nationalists' and the 'far-right group' Proud Boys and asked Trump if he denounces them. (Trump has denounced the KKK as well as any form of group that is racist dozens of times when asked. Oddly enough, Joe Biden was just endorsed by Richard Spencer, a self-proclaimed white nationalist weeks ago. Chris must have forgotten. Also, last week Trump authorized Antifa and White Supremacists groups as Domestic Terrorists.) Wallace and Biden both repeated the "Very fine people on both sides" lie from the Charlottesville, Va incident that happened years ago. Of course, just like the media has done for years, refuse to...