Sunday, January 24, 2021

Alan Dershowitz: A Democrat AGAINST Impeachment

Alan Dershowitz

Earlier this month, Alan Dershowitz became a part of President Trump’s defense team against the Democrats’ politically motivated impeachment efforts. Mr. Dershowitz is one of the brightest legal minds of our time. Not only is he incredibly accomplished in private practice, public service, and academia, but in the late 1960s, he became the youngest full-time professor in Harvard Law’s history. The man’s mind is a powerhouse.

Mr. Dershowitz has been involved in many high-profile cases and represented clients that will make your head spin. These include Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Harry Reems (of Deep Throat infamy), and OJ Simpson, to name a few. Quite frankly, this does not come as a surprise; if you can afford to have one of the most prolific and accomplished constitutional and criminal lawyers in the country on your defense team, why wouldn’t you? 

As a longtime Democrat, Dershowitz endorsed twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2008 and 2016 and has endorsed Joe Biden in the 2020 Democrat Primaries. He supports the passage of relevant gun control legislation, and in 2016 he even campaigned against (then) candidate Trump. 

So, why then has he become one of the staunchest advocates against his impeachment? 

The answer is quite simple. 

Alan Dershowitz is a constitutional lawyer. Not only that, he is aware of what many Congressional Democrats are woefully ignorant of: the political weaponization of impeachment will have long-term consequences that extend well beyond the presidency of Donald Trump. 

In his own words, Mr. Dershowitz had this to say, “I join James Madison, who is very concerned that using open-ended phrases could create a way in which Congress should have too much power over the president. I join Alexander Hamilton, who said the greatest danger is when impeachment turns on the number of votes each party can get … So, I’m there to try to defend the integrity of the constitution — that benefits President Trump in this case.” 

Which is more important? Preserving our nation’s foundational institutions and their procedures or achieving immediate political gain? It is clear where Alan Dershowitz stands; why do more Democrats not join him?  

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